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Supporting our students

All NSW public school students have a right to an inclusive learning environment and to feel happy and safe at school.

Aboriginal student support

We are committed to closing the achievement gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. We know that we need to learn about, nurture and value the cultural identity of our Aboriginal students to help them be successful learners.

We welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family members, parents and carers, as well as community members to our school so that we can get to know each other, learn about the local Aboriginal community and develop shared goals and plans for Aboriginal students.

The Aboriginal Education Policy confirms the NSW Department of Education’s commitment to improvement in educational outcomes and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Girri Girri Sports Academy

Girri Girri Sports Academy is a reward program for Indigenous students at Forbes High School. Students within the program are required to display our school values of being respectful, responsible, honest and doing their best across all aspects of the school as well as maintaining above 90% attendance and adhering to the schools uniform policy.

Within the program students are offered a differentiated curriculum including leadership skills, sporting opportunities, literacy and numeracy support and Wiradjuri language. Through being involved in the academy students are given the opportunity to complete a variety of courses including first aid, coaching certificates and referee tickets in a variety of sports.

Students also regularly visit local primary schools, preschools and daycare centres to participate in cultural activities such as dance, art and traditional aboriginal games.

The program aims to provide students with experiences to enhance their cultural awareness by engaging in a variety of cultural activities. Our students are rewarded by displaying cultural leadership and mentoring our younger students within our community.

The Aboriginal Yinaagang Group

The Aboriginal Yinaagang (girls) group at Forbes High School is a mentoring program for young Aboriginal women. Within this group we aim to challenge the mindsets of these young women in order to develop positive and effective communication skills. We hope to work with families, carers and the greater Forbes community to form positive relationships and an effective network to enable these young women a brighter future.

Tara Morrison is a qualified PDHPE teacher and the coordinator of Girri Girri Sports Academy in 2020. Tara is passionate about improving student outcomes and giving all students the opportunity to succeed. Samantha Naden is a proud Wiradjuri Nation, Aboriginal women. Samantha works at Forbes High School as a student learning support officer (SLSO) and has a passion for empowering and educating aboriginal youth. Together, Tara and Samantha will coordinate and run this program.

This program aims to increase the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls at Forbes High School’s cultural awareness, self esteem, self pride, overall well-being and effective communication skills. This will enable these girls to better contribute to the wider community of Forbes and open endless opportunities for their futures.

“As a proud Indigenous female of the Wiradjuri Nation of New South Wales, I, Samantha, have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the issues faced by marginalised groups and culture in Australia therefore I am sensitive and I am compassionate to their needs, I have a passion to allow and mentor these young indigenous girls in creating a better future for tomorrow. Today. I will be Educating the girls with culture, tools they need to engage in their education, achieve their goals and change their communities for a better way of life” Sammi Naden

We are challenging mindsets, educating, empowering and mentoring our Aboriginal students of Forbes high school , one child at a time to enable them more opportunities for a successful future.

At Forbes High School we are proud that every student is known, valued and cared for.

Multicultural education

Our school welcomes students, families and community members from all cultural backgrounds. We appreciate difference and diversity and aim to provide a culturally inclusive and responsive environment that benefits all students.

Our teaching and learning programs develop intercultural understanding, promote positive relationships and enable all students to participate as active Australian and global citizens. Our school fosters student wellbeing and community harmony by implementing anti-racism and anti-discrimination strategies that encourage engagement by parents and carers from all backgrounds.

The Multicultural Education Policy outlines the NSW Department of Education’s commitment to providing opportunities that enable all students to achieve equitable education and social outcomes and participate successfully in our culturally diverse society.

The Anti-Racism Policy confirms the department’s commitment to rejecting all forms of racial discrimination in NSW public schools and eliminating expressions of racism in its learning and working environments.

For more information refer to:

Supporting English language learners

Learning English is essential for success at school and effective participation in Australian society. We can provide specialist support to help students learning English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D).

For more information refer to: EAL/D education.

Supporting refugee students

Schools offer safety, support and security to help refugee students adjust to life in Australia and participate successfully in education. Targeted support strategies are provided to assist refugee students in NSW public schools.

For more information refer to: Supporting refugee students.

Learning support

The school’s learning and support team plays a key role in ensuring we meet the specific needs of students with additional learning and support needs, including disability.

The team:

  • supports teachers in identifying and responding to the additional learning needs of students
  • facilitates and coordinates a whole-school approach to improving the learning outcomes of every student
  • coordinates planning processes and resourcing for students with additional learning and support needs
  • designs and implements the support required to build teacher capacity so that all students access quality learning
  • develops collaborative partnerships with the school, parents and carers, as well as other professionals and the wider school community.

For more information on programs and services to help students with additional learning and support needs visit Disability, learning and support


Bullying of any kind is not acceptable in NSW schools.

The NSW anti-bullying website brings together information and resources for teachers, students, parents and carers. It helps to identify, prevent and respond effectively to student bullying, including online bullying. It provides information about online safety and what you can do if your child has been bullied, witnessed bullying or been involved in bullying.

For more information on anti-bullying strategies for NSW public schools refer to the department’s Bullying of Students – Prevention and Response Policy.

For information on racial bullying and anti-racism education for NSW public schools refer to:

Our teachers use a variety of strategies to assess student learning.

Student leadership

Student leadership helps young people find their voices, participate in decision-making, and understand their rights and responsibilities as active citizens. It helps students have a real impact on their learning and school environment and prepares them to participate meaningfully in their community.

Students can be leaders in the classroom, through their actions in the playground, through their support for others, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or local community events or projects.

For more information about opportunities in NSW public schools visit Student voice and leadership.

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