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Wellness Hub

Forbes High School provides a wide range of staff and services to help support the health and wellbeing of our students.

Student Wellbeing Hub

The Student Wellbeing Hub is an online resource for students, parents and educators to access developed by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. Feeling safe and supported is the right of everyone in the school community. The resources available on the Student Wellbeing Hub help to create learning communities that promote student wellbeing and the development of respectful relationships. The Hub is guided by the principles of the National Safe Schools Framework, which highlight the importance of educators, parents and students working together. We can make a difference, starting now. The Student Wellbeing Hub can be accessed by the following link Student Wellbeing Hub

Wellness Hub

Forbes High School are leading the way in regards to supporting students health and wellbeing with the establishment of a Wellness Hub within the school for students and families to access. The Wellness Hub provides a facility for visiting services to access to provide professional support to our students. The Wellness Hub is also the home to our school councillor, youth worker and Aboriginal Education Officers (AEO).

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"Forbes High School and Community Partners working together for student success"


In cooperation with our community partners Forbes High School has created a safe place for students and their parents/carers to assist with a wide range of concerns. We have provided our community partners with six onsite offices for these interactions.

Forbes High School Wellness Hub provides free private and confidential services to our students and their parents/carers who may have a wide range of issues; from everyday topics such as family, friends and school or simply feeling ‘down' to more serious issues of child abuse (exclude), bullying, nutritional health, mental health, smoking, alcohol and other drug use, homelessness and suicide.  

Wellness Hub services we currently have available to students and their parents/carers are;

Binaal Billa - Counsellor/caseworker

Benevolent Society - Mental Health Practitioner 

Carewest - Ability Links Team Member 

Centacare - provide a wide range of services from homelessness, family support.

Community Health Service Centre - Who provide a wide range of counselling and assessment services relating to adolescent health, provided by psychology, social work, women's health, nurse practitioner, dietitian, alcohol and other drug counsellors.

Counselling services – a wide range of service providers offer a wide range of counselling services.

Hearing Support - Itinerant Support Teacher 

Uniting - Family Connector

Youth Hope - Youth and Family

All our service providers are fully qualified professionals. They can work with students of all ages and their parent/carers, throughout their school years.

Our services empower students by assisting them to:

  • Develop options & strategies
  • Promote health seeking behaviours
  • Achieve their academic and vocational goals.
  • Identify and understand the consequences of a particular course of action
  • Assisting parents or carers to make informed decisions about their child's education
  • Facilitate more productive relationships with family and friends, and
  • Provide information on local support services available

Contact Forbes High School on 02 68522 666 if you would like to make an appointment. Alternatively fill out the referral form and email to and we will contact you.

It is important to seek help early if you notice any major change in your child's behaviour.