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Youth Wellness Committee

The Youth Wellness Committee

The Youth Wellness Committee is a group of students who volunteer to work together to raise awareness of issues that face their generation.  To help them in this role they attend the 2 day Lifeline Peer Skills Training Program.

There are 3 main areas of responsibility:

  1. Wellness Hub Representation – the link between the students and the hub.  They work with hub services to promote wellbeing and give student feedback.
  2. School Mentoring and Media – work with our school community engagement officer to promote wellbeing within the school and community with media like social media, newspapers and television.  The group also work within the school with staff and students in a mentoring capacity.
  3. Wellness Education – focus on learning about a particular topic that is current for young people at the time and then teach their peers about this.  This can include presentations (at our school and others), posters flyers and making short that films that inform and educate young people.