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For the past 14 months, the brief ‘DEAR' moments timetabled in the Language Lab each morning during rollcall have been transformed into a dynamic reading intervention program. With thanks to many senior students recruited to rollout the program, Mrs Ray has facilitated this successful buddy program.

During 2016, the pilot program was closely monitored, with progress data collected, analysed, and shared with other staff members, resulting in the continuance of the program in 2017.

Currently there are 10 year seven students involved in the program, with 14 year eleven students [some of whom are currently in ‘buddy' training]. We plan to have 10 additional year seven students benefitting from the program by the end of term one.

The MULTILIT READING TUTOR PROGRAM [RTP] is an intensive literacy intervention originally developed by research professors at Macquarie University in Sydney.  The program is part of a well documented, successful package that focuses on the multi-syllable words students will come across in high school.

Shauna Ray
Inclusive Education Teacher