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Breakfast Club

The Forbes High School Breakfast Club program gives students the opportunity to eat a wholesome, nutritious breakfast on a regular basis. Having breakfast has a positive impact on factors such as physical and mental health, social skills, concentration, behaviour, attendance and academic outcomes.  

The Breakfast Club has four key benefits for students: 


·         Improves nutrition and eating habits 

·         Improves mental and physical health 

·         Helps combat childhood obesity 


·         Improves readiness to learn and cognitive function 

·         Improves educational outcomes 


·         Reduces absenteeism and improves punctuality 

·         Enhances engagement and productivity in the classroom 

·         Improves concentration and behaviour 

Social Development 

·         Develops social and leadership skills 

·         Widens social networks and builds friendships 

·         Builds stronger relationships between students and staff  

Breakfast Club operates five days a week from 8:30 to 9:00am and no student will be turned away. It is operated by the schools Youth Worker assisted by a School Learning Support Officer who develop a strong rapport with students and identify wellbeing concerns and address them as they arise.  

The Breakfast Club is an important activity for the school and is supported through the school budget and sponsorship from the Foodbank Australia School Breakfast 4 Health Program.