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Sentral Student Portal

Sentral Student Portal

Students use thier school username and password to login, not thier email address. eg, first.last# only

Sentral Parent Portal

Sentral Parent Portal

Staying in touch with your child's learning journey is easy with the Sentral Parent Portal. Receive secure news items on the web and through the companion mobile application, Sentral for Parents - with targeted news so you only see information relevant to your children.

The Sentral Parent Portal lets you:

* Browse school documents and resources

* Receive student report cards electronically

* Notify of planned absences and respond to unexpected absences

With more features to come.

We hope you find the portal a useful school resource.

Sentral Parent Portal User Guide

Sentral for Parents App User Guide

Sentral Parent Teacher Interviews User Guide

First time use and new user registration

FHS are conducting a phased roll out of the Sentral Parent Portal, starting with our Year 12 2022 parents in Term4 of 2021.

You will recieve an email from us advising your access key/s required to successfully use the portal. Instructions on the registration process once you have recieved your keys can be found in the first 2 pages of the above user guide.

For any difficulties accessing the portal please contact the school on 0268 522 666 or via email

Sentral Staff

Sentral Staff


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