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Staff in the Hub

Jason Nottingham - Co-ordinator of Wellbeing

Jason's role of Co-ordinator Wellbeing is responsible for the Wellbeing team who discuss student wellbeing and behaviour. This includes playing an active role in the Positive Behaviour for Learning and Learning and  Support Teams and is responsible for  leading the senior student mentoring program which links students with staff mentors to provide them with the additional support they may need in their senior years.

Co-ordinator of Wellbeing role is to supervise the day to day operations of the Wellness Hub including being a conduit between the staff at Forbes High School, staff in the Wellness Hub and our community service partners who utilise the Hub.

Working in Public Education for 25 years. Working at Forbes High School for 4 years.

Jason has completed his Bachelor of Education Social Sciences.

Leah Williams - Wellness Hub Officer

Leah's role of the Wellness Hub Officer is the "go to person" with everything related to the Wellness Hub.

This ranges from booking appointments for our community services partners and our students and processing referral forms and booking various meetings.

Leah is located in the front office and can be contacted on either phone 02 68 522 666, or just pop in and visit for a chat or via email her at

Working at Forbes High School for 5 years.

Leah has completed her Diploma of Management and Certificate IV in Accounting. 

Michelle Burkitt - School Counsellor

Michelle's role of school counsellor is to provide psychological, social, learning and behavioural support to students, their carers and their teachers.

Sometimes this may include the use of formalised cognitive, behavioural and /or emotional assessments to determine the best possible out come for individual students.

Working as School Counsellor for 18 years. Working at Forbes High School for 13 years.

Michelle is in on Monday and Tuesday.

Michelle is a registered psychologist.

Michelle has completed her Bachelor of Arts, (Psychology/History),

Graduate Diploma of Education and Post Graduate Diploma (Psychology)

Barry Merritt - Aboriginal Education Officer

Barry's role of an Aboriginal Education Officer is to provide learning and support for all our aboriginal students and support all  our students in class. Barry works closely with our school counsellors and our Youth Worker.

Part of Barry's role is to liaise with parents and students on attendance and any issues arising at home or a at school.

Barry is a white ribbon ambassador and he helps facilitate boy's night in  and teaches aboriginal culture within the Girri Girri program.

Barry will be running the Bro Speak program 2018 . More information on this program is found in the Initiative section.

Barry is the AECG president and liaises with the Forbes Community.

Barry considers himself to be lucky to have the job of a lifetime!

Brooke Sargent - Youth Worker

Brooke's role of  a Youth Worker is to see students one to one through  the referral process. In addition, works with the School Counsellor, AEO and other community service partners to support these students as required. In addition Brooke also supports staff and parents as necessary.